Kitchen Reno: Splurge or Save?


Kitchen renovation is generally a thrilling experience. For homeowners of older units, there’s something deeply satisfying about getting rid of years of grease buildup and giving the kitchen a well-deserved facelift. Those who just got the keys to their BTOs are looking forward to new experiences in a space that is central to most households.

To prevent the excitement from racking up a scary bill, this article is going to serve as a guide on where to splurge and save in your kitchen renovation.

Splurge: Appliances

Kitchen appliances call for splurging mostly because energy-efficient electronics tend to be pricier. And those are what we are recommending: appliances with superb energy-saving features. The extra bucks you invest now will be paid off handsomely down the road when your electricity bills are consistently lower than it otherwise would be.

Apart from the essentials – refrigerator, stove and cooker hood, whether you need anything else is really up to you. But for the holy trinity, consider quality, capacity and aesthetics. You don’t want a stove that breaks down halfway through cooking for the in-laws, a fridge that can’t hold enough beer for you, or an eyesore for something that’s meant to be a fixture.

Save: Countertop

Let’s face it – most of us don’t have the time to coddle premium countertops made of marble or granite, which are notorious for being high-maintenance.

Laminate, on the other hand, has improved considerably both in appearance and endurance over the years. It comes in an increasingly wide range of pattern and texture selections. The impression that laminate looks cheap and inauthentic is well on its way out. Moreover, it is much less taxing to clean and care for.

Splurge: Cabinetry

When well-planned and carefully built, cabinets last long and help maintain an organized kitchen. It’s worth paying a bit more for quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear. 

On top of that, the ironmongery – steel, aluminium, brass and other metals – within the cabinets should be paid special attention to. They determine attributes such as drawer weight, soft-closing and touch opening, which all contribute to an elevated user experience in your day-to-day.

Engage quality carpenters, preferably those with a local workshop. They tend to be able to handle complicated requests, provide better after-sales services and respond to modifications in a more timely manner.

Save: Tiles

Here’s a pro tip: choose larger tiles for your kitchen flooring. This could help cut down your expenses if the installation is paid by the hour – they take a shorter time to be lain.

As a bonus, larger tiles have fewer grouts, which help visually expand smaller rooms. Since kitchens are frequently exposed to grease and food particles, having fewer grouts also makes cleaning easier.

If you are planning on tiling the kitchen backsplash, it benefits your pocket to keep things simple. Plain, timeless tiles are affordable and will prove superior to trendy surfaces in long-term appeal. Alternatively, try creative materials like blackboards or peg boards – they can be a cheap, functional and adaptable solution.


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